Pizzillo Family

Collesano, Sicily

Rosaria Pizzillo, my great great grandmother, descended from a family with deep roots in Collesano, Sicily. The Pizzillos made a name as master craftsmen in the art of ceramics. Their work is literally part of the history of Collesano, seen in bricks and tiles on buildings and churches, and used as apothecary jars and many other practical and decorative pieces that were produced in quartiere stazzone.

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Pizzillo Family Generations
(research is ongoing)
BornFamily MemberParents
1825Rosaria Pizzillo
9 Apr 1825 - 1900
Collesano, Sicily
Stefano Pizzillo
Domenica Cangimila
1779Maestro Stefano Pizzillo
About 1779 - 7 Jan 1844
Collesano, Sicily
Mariano Pizzillo
Maria De Carlo
1744Maestro Mariano Pizzillo
1744 - 1822
Collesano, Sicily
Stefano Pizzillo
Vincenza Tortoreti
1690Stefano Tomasso Pizzillo
1690 - 1750
Collesano, Sicily
Pietro Pizzillo
Caterina Tamborello
16xxPietro Pizzillo
16xx - ?
Collesano, Sicily

Materials Needed -- You Can Help!

My goal is to make every story in this project as complete as possible with photos, remembrances, documents, keepsakes, etc. that will help preserve memories for future generations. Anything can help and would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small or trivial you may think it is. Here are some specific items needed:

  • Anything related to the Pizzillo family in Collesano, Sicily

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