Joseph Siragusa with his mom Geneva, circa 1954
Joseph Samuel Siragusa

6 Apr 1936 - 30 Mar 1980

My Dad

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From March 2014 Facebook Post: This is a great new addition to my Family History Project. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my father gave me his medals, dog tags, patches, and other insignia from his service in the Air Force. Those items were always some of my most cherished possessions, but somewhere along the way, they were all lost. As many of you know, I have done a lot of genealogical research over the past few years, and I recently contacted the National Archives to obtain my fatherís service records, only to find out they (and those of many other Cold War era veterans) were destroyed by a 1973 fire. While it was disappointing to not be able to get the records, I discovered that the military offers replacement medals, so I was able to restore some of the items I had lost. Here are the Good Conduct, Army of Occupation, and National Defense medals awarded to Joseph S. Siragusa, USAF, 1954-1962.

Service Medals of Joseph S. Siragusa, USAF, 1954-1962

Materials Needed -- You Can Help!

My goal is to make every story in this project as complete as possible with photos, remembrances, documents, keepsakes, etc. that will help preserve memories for future generations. Anything can help and would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small or trivial you may think it is. Here are some specific items needed:

  • Photos
  • Stories, remembrances from growing up in Watertown
  • Anyting pertaining to his service in the Air Force

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